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Exxson Group Attends 2016 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition

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During October 19-21, China International Exhibition Center crowded, bustling, the annual Beijing International Wind Energy Conference was held here. This is the wind power industry tradeshow in China, is the event of wind power industry to show corporate image and strength, Exxson Group as a internals supplier for wind tower participate in this tradeshow with a new image of leading enterprise.


Exxson Group Booth

Combined with China's wind power industry, the current and future development requirements, tracking changes in the wind power industry market, in this Beijing International Wind Energy tradeshow, Exxson via international strategy to promote Exxson’s enterprise characteristics and advanced products. At the tradeshow, Exxson Group and Germany company participate in the exhibition together, to make customers and peer companies fully understand the rapid development Exxson, one has been to the world Exxson.


Photo of Exxson Group exhibitors

G-servicelift Cooperate production by Exxson Group and Goracon, not only can save a lot of time for maintenance and repair fan, but also can automatically lift 400 kg of heavy tools and goods. The G-Trac lift and G-lock safety brakes are made in Germany, in the 400-1100 kg manned lifter category, the quality is high level, can ensure the safety of the passengers.


Tower lift products


The customer is ready to try the tower elevator

In the field of wind power lighting systems, Exxson Group's products mainly include: cabin lights, tower lights, channel lights, aviation obstruction lights, servicelift lights and intelligent control systems. From wind power lighting project planning, design, installation testing to construction maintenance, we provide customers with excellence, leading, stable lighting products and its systematic solutions.


Our staff introduce lightning products for foreign customers

We are ready to solve your request for cable entry sealing, fixed, protection and alignment and the others. And develop new custom solutions according to your needs. In many cases, we have a similar cable-related solutions for various host companies and associated tower manufacturing companies such as Goldwind, Guodian, Huarui, Xiangdian, Envision and other large wind power companies, so we can response to your needs very fast.


Cable solutions related products attract many customers

We rely on a high level of R & D team, a wealth of service experience, good supporting services, is committed to the field of wind power, to provide customers with high quality and system wind power accessories services。 Exxson's sales network and service network, exist from Beijing and Tianjin to the country and the rest of the world, we can always provide customers with superior products and fast, convenient after-sales service。

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